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​Advanced Fleet and Professionalism

​We understand that modernity is the key to success. Our fleet meets the highest standards, with EURO 6 emission class, ensuring ecological and efficient transport. Our priority is to deliver your goods safely and on time.

​Experienced Drivers and 24/7 Support

​Our drivers are qualified professionals with many years of experience, who know the routes in Western Europe very well, including in Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands. In case of any problems, we are ready to offer a replacement car thanks to our service operating 24 hours a day.

​Full Control 
and Communication

​Thanks to the advanced telematics system, we offer you access to the GPS location of your package in real time. Direct contact with us ensures a continuous flow of information and certainty that everything is going according to plan.

​Knowledge of the Market and Languages

​Our team is fluent in English and German, which facilitates communication and resolution of any issues. Thanks to 10 years of experience in management in Western markets, we ensure efficiency and knowledge of the specifics of local markets.

and Security

​We offer transportation services for tractor-trailers with 13.6-meter trailers, as well as for less-than-truckload shipments (sammelgut, groupage), both during the day and at night. Your shipments are secured with a Civil Liability Insurance policy for up to 600,000 euros per single incident and up to 1.2 million euros for all incidents.

in Contact

​Our dispatchers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to ensure continuous support and information at every stage of transportation.

​Speed on the road, passion on the field
Your parcels, our victories!

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​(+48) 733282904

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​We are looking for carriers with trailers in Standard format and tipper bodies 

elephone contact, Dariusz. +48 733 282 904
Contact e-mail: kontakt@psit.com.pl 

​We are looking for Carriers in national and international goods transport.

Equipment in good condition for pulling trailers (tractor min. EURO3, year 2005 and above), A driver ready to work and the car and driver at our exclusive disposal during the cooperation, OCP insurance (international, domestic, and cabotage).